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Information Technology

We provide a number of technical resources for our students and staff. If you have comments or questions we would be glad to hear from you. 

Nathenson Computer Center

Information Technology Help Desk

The Nathenson Computer Center, located on the terrace level of the Gannett-Tripp Library, is an open, spacious facility that is beautifully designed with Statesman oak and carpeting throughout. An octagon Information Technology Help Desk greets people as they walk down the winding stairs and through a lobby showcased with paintings and sculptures.

Open Lab for students
The uniquely designed Open Lab to the left of the Information Technology Help Desk provides students an area where they can quickly check e-mail, browse the Web, chat online, work in small groups, and plug in personal laptops. All furniture in the Open Lab is made of oak covered with violine laminate.

Entrance to the Labs
A corridor to the right of the Information Technology Help Desk provides entrance to three large computer labs designed to accommodate different styles of learning. There are two Windows labs and one Macintosh lab, which are regularly updated with new computers as part of the College's technology plan.

Plenty of workspace
Nearly all tables in the labs are five feet long, providing plenty of workspace for students working individually or in groups of two or three.

Electronic Classrooms

In addition to the Nathenson Computer Center labs, there are two classrooms and a lecture hall on the terrace level. Custom-designed lecterns equipped with multimedia computers connected to high-resolution projectors are installed in each of the labs and classrooms, providing students and faculty an easy-to-use computer resource for instruction and presentations.

Multimedia Resource Lab
Across the corridor and behind the Information Technology Help Desk is the Multimedia Resource Lab, which is equipped with special hardware and software. Students, faculty, and staff have resources at their fingertips to convert and manipulate media such as photographs, slides, music, and video for use with PowerPoint presentations and Web pages.

Apps and Web Resources

Google Apps at Elmira College
All students receive a Google Apps at Elmira College (GAEC) account that includes Gmail, Contacts, Talk, Calendar, Docs (storage and Web-based word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation programs), and Sites. Gmail is ad-free, provides storage of 30GB for archiving messages and attachments, and through Google's powerful spam filters significantly reduces spam and junk messages to allow you to more efficiently manage your mail. Your GAEC e-mail address (e.g. belongs to you through and after graduation. Information Technology offers tutorials, workshops, and training sessions to help students maximize their use of Google Apps.

To access your Google Apps at EDU account, go to

Contact the IT Department